Thursday, August 12, 2010

Was out yesterday. Came in to find the server has still not recovered, either; the HVACs were down, and the servers were screaming, if not already dead.

Spent most of the day monitoring the server room, waiting for it to die. Come close of business, *BANG*, there is it. Run down to the server room floor; step out into the hallway ready to run to the room, when out of the corner of my eye,

Distracted by someone else's window
Oh! Gotta get this! CLICK! Ooh, bonus!

Okay back to it. Kicked the breaker back on, let the boss'es know what's going on. Dreading an overnight shutdown, hoping the A/C works.

Hell, no. Kicks off 2 more times, 50 minutes apart. Amazing, like there's a little timer in there. We are down for the night, so I repeat the Monday morning early wake-up again.

Maybe another "zoom zoom" shot is in the offing? Or maybe this time, I will actually take out the big camera and point it at something interesting...

At least I got a dirty picture out of it.

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