Saturday, August 14, 2010

Image and self

Products and People Over Process and Dogma

Love it when Scott Bourne rants. At the core of the rant is "THE IMAGE IS THE ONLY THING THAT COUNTS!" Which is so true.

He speaks as a viewer of images, and separates that from his being a creator of images. If he like something, he does. If not, he doesn't. Simple. Like that.

However, he is a long-time professional, and is at a point in his career that he can do that and be beyond all the hoopla of "how." I am just starting, and am still trying to figure out how to stand up, so "how" still matters. Not so much the brand war stuff, but the myriad options to achieve a look are what I am looking for. And then how I can corrupt those options for my own purposes.

As an amateur/enthusiast, I shoot for myself, no one else. I find myself being swayed by suggestions and arguments that I should shoot a certain way, or do a certain kind of genre. Some I listen to, others I ignore. Depending on the direction I would like to see myself going, that is a good and bad thing, something to step back and evaluate, I think.

Frankly, I don't really care what viewers in the future see in my images, if at all. I enjoy the process of getting there, and let others enjoy the results. Or not.

I am finding that I am really enjoying explaining how I get there. As a few have mentioned, I seem to be getting my writing skills back. 2 steps forward, one step back. Cha cha cha.


  1. Thanks for posting this Todd...I'm in total agreement with Scott's rant. Too many amateur photographers concentrate on the equipment or the editing software. I'm trying to get away from that mentality and just want to make better images...that's why I like reading David duChemin's blog. And now I think I'll keep my eye on Scott Bourne's blog as well.

    Oh, I've been enjoying your blog for the last few weeks too. Good stuff.

  2. Thanks, Chris; appreciated. Okay, now I have to look up David duChemin's blog.