Monday, June 20, 2011

Chicken Gumbo and Cornbread @ Soul Patrol

(Note: I skipped a menu item I tried last week. I have my reasons)

Chicken Gumbo. Options were Rice or Cornbread. Knowing cornbread people tend to be proud of their product, I went with that. I held off on the sauce, so I could taste the base product. Got it with their Sweet Tea.

Chicken and what I assume is andouille sausage. A fairly mild version; just a bit of heat. Still, maybe not quite child-safe. Teens, maybe. Good overall flavor, even if the chicken gets a little lost. Which is fine, considering it is a relatively bland flavor on it's own. A little light on the salt; that is a good and bad thing. Something to keep in mind for the future.

Cornbread was unsweetened, as I think is should be. Soft, nice crumb, moist. Drizzled with honey which, when paired with a kicked-up gumbo, would be a good counterpoint. Very good.

Sweet tea is really sweet, but not sickly sweet. Cooked-in sweetness, very smooth flavor. You call.

Overall, definitely good stuff! I suppose I need to get down to gumbo country to compare, but this works for me. Having tried it "straight up," I can safely add more "flavor" (hehe!).

Oh, side note: don't put this on your lap. Recycled containers are environment-friendly, but they don't do too well with liquids, you know? I mean, not like it was leaking, but there was a lot of sweating. Just saying.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Soul Patrol is now Downtown

Soul Patrol has come to Downtown Honolulu, at least for the time being. They are occupying the space on the corner of Beretania and Alakea Sts., in that corner parking stall.

Been awhile since I tried anything from the truck, so I started with the basic Chicken and Waffle. The chicken is really good; flavorful and crunchy. The waffle is a little thin, especially with the availability of Belgian Waffles. However, this does not come from Belgium, so I dispensed with that prejudice. It is served with syrup, which kinda grossed out a co-worker; don't know why. Sweet and salty; what a killer combo!

Hope to work my way down the menu in the coming weeks/months. :)

Sunday, June 12, 2011


Oooh, dead air! Need to fill some space! Good thing I have something to say.

If you are on Oahu:
  • Have a gander at the work of Sara J. Smalley, Natural Light Photography. Her work is impeccable, and her presentation of eyes just make me nuts. If you are a Facebook fan, please "Like" her fan page. If you are not on Oahu, you can "like" her page, anyway!
  • To help Nikki Jennifer Photography celebrate her upcoming first anniversary, appreciate if you gave the business a little love and "Like" her Facebook Fan Page. Tell your family and friends! Even if they're not on Oahu!
  • Nikki Jennifer Photography is also looking for 2012 Senior Class Reps. Please go to her announcement page, and if you think you, or someone you know, has what it takes, submit an application. Hurry! Tell your family and friends! Deadline: July 8, 2011
  • Oh! Chris Gritti has started a Facebook Fan Page! For those that know him, you know how important this is. Much thanks to his significant-other! You should like this, no matter where you are.
  • Someone to keep an eye on: SKS Photography (the Hawaii-based one). Dude can shoot. And light. When he feels like it. We're working on that. He's gonna hate that I did this. Wonder if I should hide...

In other news:
  • Keeping an eye on 500px, that seems to be setup as Flickr for Professional Photographers. It is a full-services site: galleries, blogs, forums, storefront (basic, pro levels). Since I am not quite there, I am still in the "kicking the tires" stages.
  • Got a RedBubble account. Still trying to get my feet under me there. So many places; what have I done? o.0
  • Got e-mail interviewed, related to one of my pictures on Flickr. We'll see what happens, like if she dies laughing or something. Hope not; she's good people.

Dang. I think I'm missing a lot of people. And stuff.