Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Oahu Photographers: Lysandra Cook Photography

If you plan to be on Oahu, and are looking for a photographer, here is another wonderful option:
Lysandra loves working with couples, seniors, and families. It will make her extra happy if you bring your pet!
Serves all areas of Oahu and she loves to travel so just ask about outer island services.
I can personally attest to the fact that she is intelligent, witty, engaging, beautiful, and...what am I missing? Oh yeah, she's a great photographer!


(Lucy, I swiped your header; sorry!)

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Get your 2012 DOMO Calendars!

Hey, guys! A "must-do!" If you, or someone your know and/or love like DOMO, you have to get your copy of the 2010 DOMO calendar from Amazon! Get both!

Better, get many! :)

(Disclaimer: I know the photographer, Chris Gritti, and love the heck out of him and his family!)

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Playing with Lens reversals, stage 1

Since the fabulous Roni has made me revisit (and like) the world of lens-reversal close-ups, I thought to push it a little.

Took the standard setup, and inserted 68mm of extension tubes into the stack. Extension tubes help to decrease the minimum focus distance, so you can get even closer. Use with caution; you can get so close that you block light.

(Wobble-focus technique is in play for all of the following. Yes, I did have and carried a tripod, but I really need a focusing stage...)

Anyway, pointed the stack at a known reference: a U.S. quarter dollar coin
Testing, Reverse 50mm onto extension tubes, Known reference

Then pointed it at the ever-available Agapanthus bloom:
Testing, Reverse 50mm onto extension tubes

(this is the same bloom, sans extension tubes)
Testing, Reverse 50mm onto extension tubes (control)

And then, one for fun
Testing, Reverse 50mm onto extension tubes

At some point, I will try this with a bellows extension. Definitely need a tripod for that, but the bellows has a built-in slide, so it should be a little easier.

Now excuse me while I go clean my filthy sensors...o.O