Monday, June 20, 2011

Chicken Gumbo and Cornbread @ Soul Patrol

(Note: I skipped a menu item I tried last week. I have my reasons)

Chicken Gumbo. Options were Rice or Cornbread. Knowing cornbread people tend to be proud of their product, I went with that. I held off on the sauce, so I could taste the base product. Got it with their Sweet Tea.

Chicken and what I assume is andouille sausage. A fairly mild version; just a bit of heat. Still, maybe not quite child-safe. Teens, maybe. Good overall flavor, even if the chicken gets a little lost. Which is fine, considering it is a relatively bland flavor on it's own. A little light on the salt; that is a good and bad thing. Something to keep in mind for the future.

Cornbread was unsweetened, as I think is should be. Soft, nice crumb, moist. Drizzled with honey which, when paired with a kicked-up gumbo, would be a good counterpoint. Very good.

Sweet tea is really sweet, but not sickly sweet. Cooked-in sweetness, very smooth flavor. You call.

Overall, definitely good stuff! I suppose I need to get down to gumbo country to compare, but this works for me. Having tried it "straight up," I can safely add more "flavor" (hehe!).

Oh, side note: don't put this on your lap. Recycled containers are environment-friendly, but they don't do too well with liquids, you know? I mean, not like it was leaking, but there was a lot of sweating. Just saying.


  1. Still torturing me in the food department? And as far as I'm concerned, too light on the salt is always a BAD thing.:) What I would give for a bag of salt seeds right now....

  2. I can be evil. Hopefully in a good way...:D

    Seasoning-wise, I can sorta understand the under-seasoning; it may be a give to the health-conscious. But, it leaves more room for hot sauce!

    You need crack seed? Let me know, what kind and how much (in tuns) :)