Monday, August 16, 2010

Look Ma, no clouds!

Ah, crazy Monday. Don't know why, other than it being a Monday.

It wasn't a difficult day. Well, except maybe for one incident, that I am rather unhappy at myself about. But nonetheless, just a flurry of little fires. And apparently, I wasn't alone; maybe the organization needs a blessing. Been awhile since we did one of those.

Otherwise, just been wanting to shoot. Nothing, and everything, in particular. Have this one shot that I have been working out in my head; need to get the materials together to get it done. I have seen something like it on Flickr, so I am pretty confident it can happen.

Very few clouds today; probably even less tomorrow. Got some good glow out of it, at least.


  1. would love to find that peachy glow here in the city.

  2. Hi, Alice!

    I usually get blues and oranges. I believe adding a warming adjustment layer may have helped to achieve the look, here.