Monday, August 9, 2010


Early in to crank things up after a weekend shutdown. Lots of praying involved; old gear don't like to wake up after a good rest. Kinda like me.

Bleary-eyed. Drove anyway. Good thing the only think I had to dodge was the monster trash truck, complete with scurrying dumpster-handling assistant. Dumpsters all over the place, cop in the next lane. 3-lane detour.

Paused to take in the early morning activity that happens to make things go. Handheld; one hand, one eye closed. Musta been the wrong eye.

Someone is obviously not a morning person.

Update: had to go back in tonight; freakin' server room was overheating. Seems to happen every time we shut down for water, irregardless of support vendor...


  1. you just gotta chug some coffee in the morning :)

  2. Hi! I would have loved to, but I had to make do with a Coke for a few hours.

    Thanks for taking the time to visit! You're a whirlwind!