Friday, August 13, 2010

Thank you for being open at 5 in the morning!

One more time. I hope.

Early wake-up, so I can wake up the metal and silicone beasties before the hordes get in. Ms. Alice recommended chugging some coffee; I took the advice.

Didn't work, by the way. Having things ready before the hordes, I mean. Damn cooling was still tripping-out, couldn't chance it. Oh well. I did get some catch up processes run, so that was a good thing.

Finally got a basic system released for use around 0900. Didn't get the workhorse portion approved for release until 1600. Waiting for a message that says we need to shut it down again; all it takes is a few hours of fairly high heat, and POOF! All gone.

Wow, hadn't realize how long I hadn't stepped foot in a Starbucks...

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