Saturday, September 11, 2010

Remembering, and why

I remember walking to work that morning, 9 years ago today. A stranger ran up to me and asked "Did you hear that the World Trade Center fell down?" Not having turned to any news yet, I shook my head, wondering what was going on.

When I got to work, I got to see the news and, like everyone else, was shocked. As the details came out, there was sadness, but surprisingly no anger, yet. In subsequent days, there was the unveiling of who the purported masterminds were, and the ensuing conflict that resulted. Was there anger? Yes! But it wasn't against a peoples, but an group of individuals. It would have been easy to blame a country, easy to point fingers and say the blame for what happened is there. Which is what happened.

In hindsight, yes it was an attack on America. Yes, Americans should be galvanized and remember the events of that horrible day, and the lives lost and families torn asunder. But, I am saddened that it took such an act to shake Americans out of their apathy, and at the prejudices that are tainting current events. History repeats itself, and I fear the repercussions on future generations will be dear.

- - -

Remember who we are, how we got here, and why we are allowed to do and say what we do. We, a nation built on diversity, must be careful not to turn on itself because of that diversity. We need to be strong, together, or those that oppose our way of life will pick us apart. For those whose lives were taken on during that fateful day, those who gave their lives trying to rescue the victimized, and those that have given their lives supporting our right to live the way we do, remember that we are Americans, and we need to come together instead of being divisive.

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  1. So well said!
    I absolutely agree :)