Sunday, September 12, 2010

Bright ideas

Some of the Hawaii Photo Forums decided they wanted to do a sunrise shoot.

5:30. 5:30!!!!

Hauled my tired ass out of bed around 4. Got to the rendevouz spot around 5, because it's been at least a decade since I'd been in the area. We got out to the park before 6; the sky was already starting to glow. Park gate was closed, so we parked roadside and hoofed it in.

Setup, got the shot(s), talked photography, went to breakfast, lot of coffee...!!!

It was fun. Good people always make for a good meetup.

As far as the photo above, it was a demo of basic fill-flash against the sun. Singh-Ray Vari-ND and Auto-FP is a god-send. Besides, needed something good-looking to post. :D


  1. Yeah, this was a really good meet. The breakfast was very breakfast too. Good times.

    So, you ready for another sunrise meet?

  2. oh gosh, I can't believe you posted this picture of me O_o... but y'know... at least Sophie was covering my face :) And I totally love the way it turned out. We may need to sit and chat about "flash" so I get a better understading about the darn thing.

    Fun times! So happy that you made it out, cause I really wasn't expecting to see you. Looking forward to Saturday!

  3. woww if i had to get up at 4, i'd probably just not sleep :P

    glad it was good though!

  4. Chris - was a good one. Another such meetup may require sleeping in the truck...

    Nikki - Was fun! And I wasn't expecting to see me, either! But I woke up, sorta, so there I was. Wish I could have done you better, but it was almost a hip shot. f/4 and another 3/4 stop of flash would have been good.

    Yes, flash. I can impart many years of inexperience.

    Alice - Thanks! Seems you had yourself a heck of a weekend. Good people always make it work. You rock!

    Staying up; yes, we were talking about that. Once upon a eon ago, I would have done that. Now...O_o