Thursday, September 30, 2010

Over water

We got rain for the past 2 days! Looking forward to our version of "winter." Rain (yay!), and the sun sets over water. And the first of the winter swells have come in.

A picnic dinner, watch the sunset, on a Friday, when the sails from the Ala Wai Yacht Club are out. Leave the camera at home. Right, like that's gonna happen.

It also means the increased possibility of barges and sunset cruises sitting on the sight lines; need to work that out, somehow.

As for the rain; I have been trying to work out how to shoot in the rain. In between squalls, the sky just looks so awesome. And then the wetness strikes again. Have rain gear for the camera, but none for me. Wassup wit dat?


  1. ahh i would kill to see a hawaiian sunset.
    your descriptions are making me swoon!

  2. Hawaii would be honored to see you here, Alice! We're not the Caribbean; our puddle is bigger!

    Even if we are a "plate lunch" culture, we do have our Pan-Asian/Fusion cuisine; Roy Yamaguchi, Alan Wong, DK Kodama, etc., may have something you would appreciate.

    But we are not as after-hours as New York...