Friday, September 24, 2010

A little negative reminiscing...

I talked about this shot in the click-through. After posting, I was thinking about all the small-kid time stories we got about Morgan's Corner, carrying pork over the Pali, Madame Pele, Night Marchers, etc.

Yes, a lot of it was made up, or based on partial truths, 3rd party 3 times removed. I can discount most of it. But, even if I've never personally experienced a Pele (usually benign) or Night Marcher (might not survive this one) encounter, I believe those. Hell yeah.

Just got the shivers in the middle of the day.


  1. yeah, i believe those too! ms k was just telling be about Morgans Corner (as I don't recall the legend about it). we used to be in waianae often growing up... so i got the *chicken skin* quite often. My uncle would tell me all sorts of scary stories about all the legends on the west side. My cousins used to live on a huge farm in the middle of nowhere in waianae... freaking scary! I had a hard time sleeping there!

  2. Ooh, night-meetup, scare the crap out of the kids! hehe...

  3. I was a skeptic, until it happened to me. Got off the late shift (0100 hrs) at the airport, but had a job site to go to at 0630 hrs. Decided to sleep in the office; pulled a bunch of chairs together for a bed. Sometime that early morning, I felt something/someone grab my legs and try to pull me off the chairs. I was so startled and afraid, but I just laid there until it was time to get up. Ever since that experience, I slept in the employee lot in my truck instead. Would sleep like a baby, jet noise and all. Probably my imagination, but it felt so real...I now understand when people talk about these occurrences.