Monday, May 2, 2011

Twin Spouts

Experiencing some crazy weather over the last week. Thunderstorms and showers, and now waterspouts off Honolulu Harbor. Wild!

And I got to shoot bolt lightning for the first time; I usually only get blinking clouds.

The first time I saw waterspouts and lightning was off West Beach, Ewa, some time back before history began. Now I see them both again, together again. How weird is that?

I'll enjoy this while I can...


  1. This is probably the neatest photo I've ever seen of waterspouts. Great job, Todd! This would surely bring tears to Guy Hagi's eyes...

  2. This is awesome! Great catch Todd! What a neat phenom to not only see but to photograph it is special!

    Print it?

  3. Wow, thanks guys! Reprocessed and submitted the other one (vertical) for cheap printing, mat and framing. We'll see how it turns out.

  4. this is INSANE!
    i would be quite scared if i saw these haha.

  5. It was pretty wild, Alice. In a way, I was too annoyed to be afraid; wrong lens!