Sunday, April 17, 2011

Not all trees in Hawaii are green...

For those that didn't know, or are maybe visiting and wanted a Friday evening diversion, the Hilton Hawaiian Village in Waikiki puts on a short fireworks show every Friday at 7:45PM HST.

Met someone last Friday for a fireworks shoot at Magic Island, Ala Moana Beach Park. Started early for sunsets (that didn't pan out due the heavy cloud cover), then turned around for the other half of the entertainment. Convenient, huh? And you get to watch other photographers busy with wedding shoots and stuff while you wait.. General people-watching, too, if you wish.

In general, a nice, slow-paced way for photographers to spend an evening. The beginners get to discuss all the gear and settings, the advanced folk either discuss the nuances of such captures, or roll their eyes at those discussing such. Fun, in a photo-geek way. When the shooting starts, it is a frantic few minutes, hoping you don't miss too much, looking for the big finish. And then it's over.



  1. Just like 4th of July, and Christmas! All are great fun.
    I hope to get an opportunity to visit Hawaii again and perhaps shoot your Friday night fireworks. Great photo!

  2. Fantastic! The reflections in the water are awesome. I need to get out more and shoot. Hard to imagine but I've been busier that ever. Guess I need to retire from retirement...

  3. Deb - oh, please do!

    Wayne - Nikki is trying to drum up a Friday night meetup for fireworks in May. Maybe then. And yes, I believe you can be busier than ever; no work as an excuse not to do things.

  4. Oh well done! This is awesomes and beautiful too, my friend.;-)