Saturday, May 14, 2011

Nikki Jennifer Photography is soon to have an anniversary!

A fabulous photographer, a mother and a good friend, will soon be reaching a milestone. Nikki Jennifer Photography will be 1 year old within 2 months!

Nikki is an Oahu, Hawaii-based "natural light" photographer who will bring out the "you" in you. She is very easy to get at ease with, has a unique photographic style, and cares very much about you, from contact to the final delivery. Put yourself in her care, and she will deliver. Not to worry; you will get what you pay for.

Gotta tell you; she has this crazy knack of "finding the light." Astonishing.

To help celebrate this upcoming achievement, check out her:
Website and Galleries - See what she does and how to get in touch!
Facebook Fan Page - "Like" to show her some love!

Please spread the word. If you like her work, please consider giving her your business.

Hmm, we need to throw a baby luau, or something...


  1. you are most wonderful! Thank you! ♥

    and Hmmm... a baby luau sounds nice. Maybe we can just make it a potluck. I think planning is in order. lol. >.<

  2. A baby luau??!! I'm so IN! lol I love Nikki's work. And her 365 is just the best motivation for staying positive.
    Really nice post Todd. I like you more every day too.;-)

  3. I am rather torn between either a cake-smashing event, or a single candle in a cupcake (or cheesecake). Choices, choices...:)