Friday, February 4, 2011

Went to the Museum, finally

Went to the museum, after a long wait. Heard it was renovated, and that the lighting was much better than it had been. They are also now allowing photography, with flash if needed.

Wow. Have to say that Bishop Museum is far from being a large place. It was actually a former estate. But walking into the main hall, I could see some of the work done. Nice work, gang.

Having heard of the new lighting scheme, I set myself for an "available light" session, no flash. I wanted to exhibit the work that was done to showcase the artifacts. I must say that it ended up being quite a challenge. Even with a Nikon D3s at ISO12800, I was getting shutter speeds down to 1/8. Ached for a tripod, but I could see that it would not be practical, with the narrow passageways and people moving around (Hawaiiana classes were in session). Made do with some bracing against pillars, if available, or attempting to handhold. No VR, oh my!

Came out with a lot more usable images than I thought I would, under the circumstances. It should be noted that I made it a point not to take images of anything related to gods or dead Hawaiians. I have seen too much to not believe. Call it superstitious, but I am not taking any chances there.


  1. We are fortunate that our museum allows flash photography, let alone photography period. Nice work regardless. I was impressed with my visit to the Hawaiian Hall last summer. Seeing your work, I'll have to visit again...with my camera...

  2. It looks like an interesting place. Huge fish are they steel...hanging from the ceiling. It looks heavy. You did really well with this shot hand held. Wonderfully wide! :)

    I'm a bit superstitious myself.

  3. What a beautiful looking museum. And good idea not to take any chances with our ancestors or the gods.;-) Thanks for the smiles tonight and for the follow. All you wonderful people in Hawaii sure do make me long to go back....

  4. @Wayne - Yes, revisit! Lots of glass around, so watch out with the flash.

    @Alice - Yup! Nice to have it, though.

    @Roni - Thank you! Expat? Do hope you have an opportunity to reconnect, soon,