Saturday, February 19, 2011

Nikki Jennifer Photography is running a Giveaway!

For those peeps on Oahu (yes, can't afford to ship people in, sorry), Nikki Jennifer Photography is having a "Spread the Love" Giveaway from February 19, 2011 to March 5, 2011. Winners announced on her Blog, Twitter and Facebook pages. So yeah, you need to be a bit into the social networking scene.

(click on the image for a better view. or just go to her blog posting)

See her blog posting for details, prize listing, conditions, etc. And spread the love!


  1. So nice of you to pass on the news for her, Todd. @Nikki...what about us Hawaiians lost in New York?? lol

  2. @Nikki, you rate!

    @Roni, so glad to have found you! I need to go through your writing from Day One! And you can shoot, too!