Thursday, February 24, 2011

Printing is not easy

I've been encouraged to print some of my stuff. Finally caved, and am in the process of looking for options.

The first was a "normal" 16x20. Went to Mpix for this, hearing that their work is pretty reliable. Ran it on e-Paper, Lustre Coat and a Standout, White edges. That was a pleasant experience; came out much better than I anticipated.

Continued that with a mission to print a couple of panoramas I had done awhile back. Got a recommendation to go to Graphic Pictures Hawaii Inc, in Kaka'ako. Finally located them. Took a couple of files in for processing.

Meeting Jerry was pretty cool. So much knowledge and history. And Ed. Oh my lord. Ed is such a kick! And, he knows his stuff. Best thing; they proof the work, let you make a decision based on that. They can do small adjustments to touch-up, but I should do that part. Just looked at the proofs, which looked really nice on lustre paper. Will be doing 2 canvases, stretched. 12x52-ish, each. And a paper copy on lustre. Hopefully to be in my grubby paws sometime late next week. Rather excited about this, actually.

In the meantime, ran another print to Mpix. A sunset I have been wanting to print, on metallic paper, 16x24. Wow. 2 days from order to Hawaii. Wild. Did it on double matboard, and it looks pretty amazing.

So much I have picked up, so much more to learn about the print process, and my role in it. Makes my head hurt.


  1. Very cool! I'm glad you found someone local to do your canvas panos. Looking forward to hearing how they come out.

  2. ooh nice! i have really been wanting to get my own printer so i can have more freedom with the paper i use. i'm waiting for the epson r3000 to come out!

  3. @Deborah - Yes! But so much for the "digital is free" thing.

    @Alice - Having a great time following your exploits with film. And you can write! Really was afraid the current generation had forgotten how to do that!

    Ooh, paper, yes. I need to get a paper kit. And a calibration kit, just so I know what to expect.

  4. Printing is a huge issue for me, Todd. I struggle with it alot. My monitor is not calibrated and I know I could benefit alot from that. Also, my printer at home is really awful. I'm waiting on some prints from Fine Art America that seem to be taking quite awhile to get here. I'll have to check out Mpix...I've heard great things about them. And I do hope you'll give us a glimpse of the completed work. Are you going to have them framed? Thank you for all your wonderful comments lately. I enjoy them alot and it always makes me smile when I say rubbah slippahs.;-) I love nothing better and this Hawaiian girl cannot wait until the weather clears up enough that I can get them out again!

  5. @Roni - Yes, I intend to have them framed. Don't know how I'm gonna manage the "glimpse" thing, yet. Not exactly used to displaying my work.

    I am really loving Mpix right now. I do need to check out some others, like WHCC, Snapfish, etc. Again, just so I can speak from first-hand experience.

    I don't print at home at all, which added to the trepidation on my part. But it is working out okay, so far. I think you do need to get your display calibrated, for more consistent results

    When I follow, I follow. Otherwise, I no follow. And I am glad I am giving you a chance to "speak bird" as they say on 5-0. Although, they still say "flip-flops;" The H50 hashtag on Twitter went nuts! Ha!

    Hang in there; be waiting for you to thaw out!

  6. Update

    Interesting. Still waiting for the canvas. Got a call that the printing and stuff is done, just working on the stretch, and that he needs a new staple gun. Funny! Should be ready tomorrow afternoon. We are looking at thundershowers, so I don't know how that will affect the pickup.

    Got 2 more prints in from Mpix.
    - Had one on Lustre paper and framed in flat black. Lesson on how blues perform when no backlit by a monitor (needs a boost). And, their frames are rather cheap; if that's an important element, get it framed yourself.
    - Another was done to "fill a frame" (empty koa frame). I really was not expecting much of it, but it came back looking rather good. I think I'll keep it. :)

    Oh, so much to learn!

  7. Got the canvas. Es. They're so...small. Pretty amazing, though, to see your work bigger than a computer screen.

    So far, like the product. They even did some touch up, free. Because it bothered him. I need to go back and look at the files I gave him >.<

    My "hobby" just got a lot more expensive, I think.

  8. Oh I'm so glad you updated this thread. I was just coming to ask if you got them back yet.

    How exciting! I want to see!