Monday, July 12, 2010

Yokohama Beach Meet&Greet

Met up with some great people from the Hawaii Photo Forums at Yokohama Beach this weekend.

Wow, what a bunch of regular folk really into photography. Some pros, semi-pros, serious enthusiasts. Being able to converse was really fun, and learned a lot.

Weather was awesome. Just enough overcast to make the sun bearable. Fairly big shorebreak, so the sand-surfers were out; talented kids.

Sunset. As usual, the clouds ran away just in time for the sun to come through and make some colors for us. Great stuff.

Best part; meeting all those great folk. Need to do that again.


  1. Hi Todd... I thought you didn't blog ^_^ well i'm glad you do and I'll be following you! gotta figure out how to "follow" you though. I have bookmarked your page though :) Oh and we so have to set up another photo meet... any ideas where???

  2. Hey, Nikki! Thanks for visiting (and following)! Looks like you're lifting off; most awesome.

    Yeah, "I don't blog" means "I have one, but don't do it enough." I'm trying to be better!

    I've been using Blogger's version of Google Reader to follow others. Sometimes use RSS, if that is available.

    Meetup, hmm...Well, the schedules are kinda nuts for you, I can imagine, but now would also be a good time, before you really get into things. Windward-side; Sandy's, Kuuloa, Kahana Bay, Malaekahana, Laie, Hoomaluhia...I'm sure I'm missing a lot of potential locations.

    Also, if you plan to stay on Flickr, consider joining the Hawaii Flickr Meetup group, if you haven't already done so.