Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Microsoft, Patch Tuesday, Windows Vista, Freaking out

It's "Patch Tuesday" again; ho-hum... Do the "dumb-user" thing and accept the default updates to the Windows Vista installation.

Restart; OH NO! Get this black screen with Registry stuff in it! Drive light is going balls-to-the-walls... what do I do?

Think about it; Microsoft wouldn't put a patch out that would break your machine, now would they (doh!)? Assume that this is a part of the process and let it finish...

Whew! Another restart, see the "Part 3 of 3; do not turn off your computer" notice (why didn't that put that in the other screen?), and we're back!

Again, like the Dell thing, did they assume that people would know not to touch the power button, like if Windows "hung?" C'mon, folks! You're supposed to be smarter than us and anticipate that stuff!

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