Thursday, October 1, 2015


No longer doing I.T. for this employer!

Well, sort of. Transitioning back to my former existence. Like in 20 years ago. Damn, wonder if I can find that part of the brain in the back of the freezer. And I have to work with...people. *Shudder* Actually have some doubts on whether or not I can do this.

Still got lots of baggage to drag around for the next year. And it will be painful to sit back if situations arise that could have easily dealt with in the now prior life. Have to learn to let go.

And it's not like no technology is used in the office. It's how I fell into I.T. in the first place. "Show aptitude and die," as a now-retired co-worker used to say. And I actually enjoyed the work. Spreading the gospel of technology, and enabling co-workers. Felt like I was contributing where I could do the most good. Then the darkness came...

But, moving forward! Fresh attitude! 6 more years! I need to requisition a new brain!

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