Sunday, August 11, 2013

Oh, by the way...

In that state of inebriation where there mind is fully aware, but the body is, frankly, pretty floppy. Thanks to mobile technology, I can do this while prone. Haha. C'mon, thumb, don't fail me now...

Thanks to a valued member of my personal support circle, I announced to my employer my egress intentions, including the possibility of leaving said employer. It was difficult, given my age and service. Granted, those plans could change as conditions change. But, at this time, I committed myself to those points that I feel obligated to complete, before moving on. And, I  have yet to determine my career/life path beyond that. 

I promised I would tell my employer the rest of my plans as they solidify, starting with mulling over some offered options, this weekend. Yes, there is some stress involved. I am not yet of retirement age or service, so I am leaving things on the table. 

I have always considered myself a loyal employee. However, I have come to realize I am the beaten dog that keeps returning to its master, and master is is abusing that behavior. No more.

No matter what happens, I have to mention appreciation for those that have given me the strength to take this step. Thank you, very much. At the very least, no matter what happens, I am hoping there will be a shakeup of the way things are being done at this time.

I am but a mote. Yet, even a pebble can make an impression when tossed into a quiet pond. We'll see what happens.


  1. ...sometimes life is rough like that, and though many people feel you may be privileged working for government, you know as well as I do that it's no walk in the park. There is "security," but also much frustration and not enough compensation. What you are feeling is what I went through years ago; walls caving in with little possibility of escaping. Enough was enough! I explored options, even considered the private sector, but in the end, I stayed with the system and downgraded. I consider it the best career move I ever made. A heavy burden off my shoulders, a day's work became a day's work. No more gray clouds lingering above my head while having dinner with the family. No more thinking about the job on my time off. No more budgets, no more AG consultations, no more public meetings, no more being someone else's boss, and best of all, no more direct manure hits from the masters.

    You physical and mental well being is paramount in this stage of life. Do what you need to do, but explore ALL options. I always remind people that while government can be shit to work for, it pays off at the end. If you can find a way to lessen burdens but remain in the system, you will win. Dialoging will help. The master may not know; s/he needs to know.

    If I may suggest: Do not make knee jerk career decisions. You may regret. Do not become a martyr. The ripples you make will ebb. The system will soon forget.

    And lastly, the grass may be greener on the other side of the fence, but it could be because of manure...lots of it.

    I hope you'll find peace.

    1. Yes, thank you! That has been a part of the problem over the last few years. Feeling trapped between that bad situation and retirement and such.

      I still intend to leave my current situation. I allowed for the extreme option of leaving altogether, but am hoping I can find some compromise. I just want to do something I can believe in, if not wholeheartedly support. I have little to none of that, now.

      I do have to watch for that frying pan/fire thing. Thank you.