Tuesday, January 1, 2013

2013, A New Year

Yeah. A new year. New beginnings. A mid-term "reset" button.

Not quite. But I do have to get myself adjusted. I do know the next few years will be filled with some pretty amazing things. Small steps, large steps, some very happy, some not comfortable at all. But as long as I can keep moving it forward, it will be progress.

So, I will hit the "reset" button on the attitude. Keeping it real, I will probably bounce off the bottom a few times. But if I can keep my head above water, I should survive the year. Maybe even successfully navigate the currents.

Holy crap, that was a lot of clich├ęs...

Well, anyway. I know that I need to replace my portable computer; that is a potential point of change, as I am no longer married to Microsoft, thanks to some decisions made at work. I think I'll just do what I do best. Eat. At some point, I will get back in the saddle with my photography. Center. Reevaluate. Refocus. Move forward.

Have a great 2013, folks. I will try not to fumble mine.

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