Monday, June 25, 2012

Small-kine Status update

I had a sign yesterday that the body is not as "haddit" as it could be; I experienced a "normal" at-rest blood-pressure reading (averaged across 3) of 112/68. So the body is okay and capable of "normal." Just need a head transplant; make the neck bolts pretty, please.

For you regular/healthy people, this may be a "so what?" thing. For me, I haven't seen that low a reading in decades, so I am a bit excited. Of course, I woke up this morning with the usual "Ah cr*p, I have to go to work" reading :p My doctor will probably give me "the look" when he sees the June log readings, haha >.<

In other news:
Nikki Jennifer Photography is continuing their 2nd Anniversary Celebration with the Week #2 Giveaway. If you haven't done so, check it  out at the blog. If you meet the terms of the "fine print" (it is location-specific), please give it a shot. And keep up; it's a 4 week celebration, with a new week opening on Monday, and winner(s) announced Sunday evening; may wish to bookmark that blog link above. And there is a ticker on the response; don't respond in time, then a new winner will be selected (Please don't make her do that! It make's her sad! And more work!). Good luck!


  1. Hope you continue to see lower bp results and heading over to Nikki Jennifer's blog now :-)

    1. Thanks, Ashley. Me, too.

      And please enter; food and bling can't be a bad thing :)