Saturday, June 30, 2012

A Fireworks Meetup, and a First Time IRL

A friend arranged for a picnic meet-up at Magic Island (Ala Moana Beach Park). Had the pleasure of meeting some online friends for the first time; always exciting. And now, I get to hear her voice when reading her posts, haha!

Nice meet-up. Some photo-geek chit-chat, general catchings up. Oh, and the Friday fireworks from the Hilton. It's summer; should do these more often.

And a lesson learned. Seems my body doesn't appreciate being chilled. It reacted badly. :/

Otherwise, a nice evening. :)

(The image is an iPhone image. ProHDR > Noise Master > Snapseed.)


  1. Your body reacted badly to relaxing? I was confused when you said something to Lisa, but confused now too.

  2. Ah. No, I mean literally chilled; I was shivering. My head said bring a jacket. The body forgot. Or something like that.