Sunday, August 17, 2008

Getting back into gear, part deux

Wow, spent the last few days trying to wrap my head around what has been happening at Drupal since I last really was in it.

I knew about DrupalCon (Szeged), I knew that View2 was in RC for v6. I thought Panels2 was ready for v6 (can't find it), and I was hoping someone would port some other stuff I have been using.

Mostly, I am realizing that whatever I have built in v5 will probably stay there, and any new stuff will come up in v6. With v7 already on the horizon (early '09), have to hurry.

Did dump my local WAMP/Drupal install and refreshed the build, so my foundation is up to speed. Looks very similar, though some of the verbage has changed (for the better). Have to try themes in v6; the method for altering and importing CSS supposed to have changed; something about a "theme registry."

Back to it...

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