Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Monkey Bread!!!

 Was informed by the fabulous Roni that we HAD to make this wonderful monkey bread recipe that the Pioneer Woman posted. With revisions. Like using 2 Grands instead of 3 of the regular biscuits. And add chopped pecans. And add some of the dusting sugar to the butter. Zero-calorie treat, right? Holy moley...

Well, being sick in the head, I stayed out today. And quickly got bored. Since I wasn't contagious, I went shopping, quick-kine. And...they didn't have Grands! Oh no, stuck! But they did have those Cinnabon Grands. This recipe has cinnamon. And sugar. Instant recipe revision revision! And I decided to use chopped macadamia nuts instead of pecans. We're in Hawaii, right? And I have people that don't like pecans. Oh, well.

Anyway, put everything together as directed by everybody, and it came out like this:

Smelled so good! Waited the prescribed 30 minutes, and dumped it out on a plate. Required in-your-face shot:

Then I added a little of the cream cheese Cinnabon frosting to a quarter of the pile:

 Holy crap. That is some awesome stuff. Especially warm. The cream cheese frosting is really sweet, so definitely optional. Maybe on the side for dipping.

Thank yous to Ree Drummond  and Ms. Roni! Ono kau-kau!


  1. LOL OMG... now I want to try the revision revision! That way I can have a Thanksgiving version and a special limited Christmas edition! That is da best, brah! Thank you for sharing. I'm so gonna try it! YUM! I think we'll have bacon on the side. heehe Pay the piper on New Year's Day!