Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Reconciling "God", Science, and my head

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Those who are my "friends" on Facebook may have seen this in my profile:

Faith is a good thing. It has to be; we're still here
A "God" day is longer than most believers think
The big eye in the sky is laughing at us futilely over-inflating our importance in the larger scheme of things

It's a part of my reconciliation regarding what some men call God, and religion in general. At the core of this is, whatever you find in your religious writings, they are written by Men, spoken by Men, based on interpretations of what someone said was told to him/her, passed down orally through generations, finally written down, transcribed and translated many times, into the form that is in front of you that others say is "the Word of God." By Men. Okay, believe what you want. Faith needs something to anchor to, and whatever works for you is fine.

But, before you try to shove your religion in my face, think about this; is my God the same as your God?

Me? My God is probably some mix of all the theologies and philosophies out there, plus some science and a few things I don't know about yet. My God cannot be contained in or explained by a book. My God cannot be jammed into Man's experiences, limitations or constraints. Just because our little brains can't wrap around a concept does not mean it cannot be. We, mankind, are just motes in the universe. We do not know everything, nor will we ever know everything, about anything. There is no impossible, just that we humans are too primitive to understand. At no point will a person ever know so much that they can turn around and truthfully say "I am better than you." The quest to know everything is fine, but the intelligent ones will realize that the more you know, the more you don't, and they will be okay with that. And they will keep trying.

And I don't worship my God. My God doesn't need to be worshiped. God is. Just that. The best way for me to worship my God be Me.

That's my Word. Please respect it. I will respect your right to yours. Have a nice day.

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