Saturday, September 8, 2012


writer's block
Need to set some goals. You would think I would have a whole pile of them at this point in my life, but, other than surviving long enough to retire, not really.

Surviving. That thought has been at the forefront of late. Not even surviving the day-to-day drudgery. But just staying alive. Not like I'm trying to die or anything, just feeling my mortality.

Yes, it's morbid. And at times, it wonder if I care. I mean, to "live," you need something to live for. Living for oneself is rather narcissistic. No partner, no kids. You know, meaningful life stuff. Because, if I have no life, what's the point of retiring? But that thought (not retiring out of a corporate-type job) can be rather depressing. Not in the "depression" kind of way, but definitely a buzz-kill. If there was any buzz to kill.

Dragging my head out of that gutter (because my head is forever in that other gutter, haha), I should look for some short-term goals, get those done, then try for something harder.

So. Short goals.
  • Camera-stuff: Get off your fat ass and get out to shoot. And not with the phone, either.
  • More camera-stuff: Get going on your Dragon project you said you were going to do.
  • Food: You know you are a "Live to Eat" type. Look for more things to wrap your tastebuds around.
  • Crowds: One of your bugaboos. Have to find a coping mechanism. Deal with it.
  • Dealing with your head-case: Get yourself a new head.
  • Work: Hmm...
Other than the last two items, this is doable. Just have to make it happen.

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