Thursday, February 2, 2012

Beware this person

Beware of the person posting images on the Web under the moniker of

rockstar8x (Facebook page is currently being reported. Repeatedly)

working out of Vietnam. He is known to take images of children, and claim them as his own. How do I know this? He had the misfortune of using the picture (2, actually) of a child of a personal friend. Love that child, and knowing that his image is being used in such a manner is INFURIATING!!!!

Can we suspect this person as a child-porn suspect? Please? Stealing pictures of children is...sick!

Please help. Trying really hard to calm down an irate mother...


  1. The Facebook profile in question:

    The cover pictures, one in a brown t-shirt, the other in blue. We'll see if FB does something about it.

  2. Oh yeah. Kids, just because it's on the Web does NOT mean it's FREE! HELL NO!

  3. ...and, this person appears in other places. Flickr. 500px. Same pseudonym.

  4. Yay! Facebook was quite cooperative with the takedowns. She is now working on the rest of the IP violations. Progress.

  5. Google has taken down the offending images on their properties. She is working on the remaining Facebook profiles. Progress!