Sunday, December 5, 2010

DSLR cleanup, a small ephiphany

Just finished cleaning the sensor on my DSLR, and found that the mirror is leaving a lot of crap behind. Tried a continuous mode firing sequence while pointing at a clear blue sky, and a previously pristine sensor became a carpet of lint.

I zoomed in to a part of the sensor that normally seems to gather stuff, and rolled through the frames. Each frame got progressively dirtier. Changed to JPEG/Basic, so my buffer lasts longer, then held down the shutter button until the buffer filled, again facing up.

Ran through another cleaning cycle, and repeated the firing sequence. It was much better this time. Cleaned one more time, made sure all my setting were correct (including the image quality), and put it away.

I should send this body in for cleaning. The camera, too. But, I think I got rid of that wild hair that was showing up at the top of my frames...


  1. I've noticed this with the D300. Whatever is surrounding the mirror (felty thing) my be deteriorating and leaving junk on the sensor, especially when pointing up. Resorting to wet cleaning and using the "clean sensor" funtion more often.

  2. Been thinking about that sensor-cleaning thing. Where does the crap go when it falls off the sensor?

  3. oof, glad you managed to clean off some of the dust.

    thanks for the early birthday wishes!

  4. Isn't is amazing how much dust can get inside the mirror box? No matter what you do the dust just seems to find it's way into the camera body.

    In the Canon bodies with the sonic sensor cleaning function, there's like a double sided tape below the sensor that is supposed to trap the dust. Not sure if it actually works though.

  5. Sorry about my misspells. Lack of sleep and can't edit...