Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

This is an American holiday, to celebrate place, and surviving long enough to get to that place.

I am:
Thankful to have a close family.
Thankful that I have a job.
Thankful that I have the choice to do the things that I want to do that does no harm to others.
Thankful to be able to participate in this exercise of sharing.

Have a good one, all!


  1. Hope you had a great Thanksgiving, Alice!

    Good job keeping that blog going! Almost makes me want to visit the city. Almost. Maybe coupled with a B&H raid...

  2. A little late, but let me ditto your comments about my life. Well said Todd. Have a good Holiday Season, and let us remember that we are all equals in this world.

  3. Hey, you too, Wayne. Hoping for an uneventful year-end.

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  5. Well, uneventful is good for most, but for me, it may be quite eventful. I have made the decision to more than likely retire, maybe 90% sure. I meet the age qualifications (sadly) and have the YOS. It almost seems suicidal with two kids in college on the mainland, but the numbers ($) are hard to ignore. This, plus the benefits of being retired, like free medical for my entire family, and a COL increase every July seems to good to pass up. Now, if I only had the balls to say "absolutely..."

  6. Do what's best for you. We'll survive, somehow. :D