Wednesday, October 20, 2010

One thing leads to another...

Hurry up and wait....

My desktop has been throwing intermittent hard drive errors (for a year!), so it is about time I get that addressed. Figure I would also get it upgraded to a mirrored drive-set (performance + redundancy), as well as get the operating system up to current, while I was at it. On top of that, I am running out of near-line storage (storage not on the computer), and don't have enough space to backup the desktop while I move.

Which means, buying more stuff. Heh. Got the hard drives and RAID controller for the computer. Got a Drobo network storage device; waiting for the hard drives. Getting a new network switch, or moving files will be really slow. And then I will have to deactivate/activate whatever applications I have and get them ready for the transfer. Yeah, this is at home. Sick puppy, no?

Don't get me wrong; I actually LIKE this kind of thing, geek-boy that I am. Still, it can be scary; just need to get all my ducks in line before I start. Fortunately, I also have a notebook, so I won't be totally down. Probably be a week before everything is back, if I can ever get started.

While we're on the subject of "new," picked up another camera. The Nikon COOLPIX P7000; should be fun. I hope.


  1. Oh man... that all sounds too much for me! lol. i may need to call you for sone advice on clearing out chris' desktop. it's overloaded and is screaming at him... but we are computer illiterate!
    saw your new camera! awesome!
    good luck with all that computer stuffs!

  2. i'm also due for some new toys - a new laptop specifically...gonna pick one up soon. :D

  3. @nikki - absolutely! whatever i can do. still haven't really gotten started on it; too busy doing everyone else's all of a sudden!

    @alice - cool! remember you saying you needed a new one awhile back. assuming the camera body took priority.