Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Seeing the Light! Okay, maybe just a glimmer...

Received and viewed the new Nikon School "A Hands-On Guide to Creative Lighting" DVD. Sat through the whole thing, one pass.

It went through the basics of lighting, some demos, and the field work with Joe McNally. What really got me was 1) how they talked through everything they were doing, even if it went over my head, and 2) that Joe McNally was shooting in Matrix Metering (when he's not blacking out ambient) and multi-light iTTL. And all that grip equipment (the panels and C-stand kits were cool!)!

I really need to rethink lighting... Yes, the Strobist method (manual, off-camera) is really good for static situations when I know what I am doing, but this may take most of the brain-work out of shooting. Mind you, it still requires someone that knows how all the stuff works and goes together to build that great shot, but the automatics take a level of complexity out.

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