Saturday, June 28, 2008

Drifting thoughts; Yahoo!, Flickr, futures

Watching the Microsoft-Yahoo! drama, and the arrival of Carl Icahn...

As a Flickr user, I was concerned about what Yahoo! would do to it. Other than authentication, not much on the surface. I can only imagine that there was help on the backend, a good thing in anyone's book.

As a Drupal user, companies like Yahoo! (and Google) are a huge influence in continuing the F/LOSS movement. Much appreciated.

When the Microsoft acquisition attempts started, I felt personally threatened, both to the impact on open-source, and to Flickr. We may never know what really would have happened.

Carl Icahn is a real threat to any company, IMO. He does not come across as someone that has a passion for a product; he just wants his money, no matter what it does to the company he is involved in. I fear him. and his kind.

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